KMW – Klingberg/Mannheimer/Wijk – are three experienced musicians who adore making music together. After ten years of collaboration they are still just as enthusiastic. The classical repertoire with works by Schubert, Mendelssohn and Brahms is a source of never-ending inspiration, as are the works of Haydn and Shostakovich, of course. But there is much more to discover: contemporary works, forgotten classical works, unusual works. KMW’s particular profile has always been programmes which combine both classical gems and more unusual works, often with roots in the folklore of other countries and cultures.

Annette Alemitou Mannheimer, violin

Studied with Gert Crafoord at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and with Milan Vitek at the Music Conservatoire in Copenhagen, where she took a solo diploma. Annette was one of the founders of the Stockholm Chamber Orchestra in 1981 and was a member of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra between 1982 and 1984. Nowadays, Annette is a freelance musician playing both orchestral and chamber music. She frequently plays with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and is alternating concertmaster at Folkoperan in Stockholm.

Sara Wijk, cello

Studied with Frans Helmersson at the College of Music in Oslo, with William Pleeth in London and with Harvey Shapiro in New York. Sara was a member of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra in 1980-1990. She has been a member of the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra since 1996 and is leader of the cello section of Folkoperan in Stockholm. Like Annette, she is also a frequent freelance musician and member of several different ensembles.

Ann-Sofi Klingberg, piano

Studied with Gunnar Hallhagen at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She performed Ravel’s Piano concerto in G major with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Neeme Järvi as her solo diploma concert. She has also studied in Italy with Mario Conter. Ann-Sofi is a member of the contemporary music ensemble Sonanza, with which she has performed over 100 works, made seven recordings and performed at several international festivals. Ann-Sofi taught at Ingesund’s music school from 1985 to 2002 and is now a teacher of the specialist music course at Södra Latin high school in Stockholm.